About the company

Thorsells Reklam is one of the leading companies in the field mx-stickers, that is decals can withstand to get a little beaten up on motorcycles in Motocross and Enduro among other things.
The company began in 1987, so we have extensive experience in advertising. Today, we are 5 employees who work with Sales, Layout, Original, Printing, laminating, data cutting, mounting, screen printing, etc. Since 2002 we can also offer full colour images in large format. Posters, banners, stickers, e tc. up to a width of 160 cm.
Our goal is to deliver high quality at fair prices, as well as to maintain high service. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced and our production is well planned and rational with modern equipment of the latest in the field.
We hope to see you as our new satisfied customer, that continued to be satisfied. We have been in the business long enough to understand that the customer is everything for us. Therefore, everyone is treated equally; no customer is too small for us. We maintain a very wide range in terms of advertising and always provide special solutions with good service. Posters, banners, stickers, shop materials, display systems, exhibition materials, etc.
More detailed information can be found under the heading Products.

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Skövdevägen 6. 541 54 Skövde - Telephone +46 500 41 07 07